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How to create a department of "Technological Watch and Competitive Intelligence" (2016)

Paper "Innovation Master Class about Technological Watch and Competitive Intelligence organized by Spanish Quality Association

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Using Vicubo Cloud in the phase of information analysis in Biomarkers sector (2016)

Essential tools for the Technological Watch and Competitive Intelligence (2014)

How to identify information sources about business opportunities

Essential tools for the Technological Watch and Competitive Intelligence (2014)

Vicubo Cloud. Technological Watch in support of internationalization


Last publications and interviews

Interview to Cristina Triviño. Technological Watch: “Be up-to-date to take advantage of opportunities at your fingertips [ES]

July 2015

Being alert to what happens in your competitive environment to make quick decisions to seize opportunities can determine success or failure in a business: entering an innovative project, successfully negotiating a licensing agreement, or launching a product in another country according to its legislation. Much depends on the information you have at your fingertips and how you handle it.

New Technologies in Competitive Intelligence

Information and Communication Technologies - International Conference

1st march 2014

Technological information contained in scientific articles and patents may suppose a valuable source of strategic knowledge regarding decision making in companies. In this paper the development of a Competitive Intelligence (CI) report is proposed in the biomarker sector, based on the analysis of scientific publications and patents, with the aim of providing a perspective about the most...

New technologies in competitive intelligence analysis. Practical cases [ES]

El Profesional de la Información

1st october 2013

New internet-based technologies are transforming business models around the world.

The use of the new platforms of technological surveillance and competitive intelligence in practical cases in the business environment is proposed.

The different sources of information are reviewed in combination with other data 

Faster, sooner, more efficient: New technologies in competitive intelligence analysis

Information and Communication Technologies - International Conference

1st march 2013

New Internet-based technologies are transforming the business model around the world. This paper will discuss the role of new competitive watch and intelligence platforms in a business practical case. We review the different information sources in combination with other data (like financial data or social media) to create intelligence. Analyzing tools allow detecting connections between data so...





As partners of this project with European funding, we have been in charge of the quality management of the project and the Training Platform created in order that European SMEs can be trained in Competitive Intelligence and thus improve their competitiveness


Sectoral courses on technological watch and Competitive Intelligence

Workshop courses focused by sector (such as Biotechnology) to solve practical issues of the application of VT / IC processes in technological companies with R & D & I areas, with real examples of success cases implemented.

Cursos sectoriales de Vigilancia e Inteligencia

Certifiers in the UNE Standard

Consultancy and expertise for the implementation of Standard UNE 166.006 advice: 2011 Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence. Guaranteed success: Experts in Surveillance and Intelligence + Cases of success in different organizations + Own certification in the norm after the Audit carried out by AENOR.

Certificadores en la Norma UNE

Course Technological Watch and Scientific Information Retrieval

The objective of the course, already taught in five editions, is to make known the information retrieval tools that exist on the internet to access quality information in Science and Technology. The course is aimed primarily at users of madrid + d, information managers, technicians and anyone who wants to know the techniques of information retrieval.

Workshops on Technological Watch and Strategic Intelligence for companies

Course oriented to the users of the tool Vicubo Cloud and adapted to the specific needs of the client, including the formation "in-company".
The objective is the training in the tool of Technology Surveillance and Intelligence designed by e-intelligent, Vicubo Cloud. The content of the course covers the description of its characteristics and functionalities, as well as the presentation of its advantages and opportunities.

Talleres de Vigilancia e Inteligencia Estratégica para empresas


Technological Watch Platforms

Innovation Circles of Madrimasd

Consultancy, consultancy, development and administration of the systems and information managers of the first page of dissemination of Science and Technology in Spain since 1997.
Creation and implementation of web 2.0 technologies: blogs, wikis, technology market, maintenance and development of science and technology search engine, SEO optimization of the web, edition of the Notiweb newsletter, attention to questions-answers, D, webmail, document managers, etc.

imagen madrimasd

Platform Vienavarra

Solution of Technology Surveillance and Strategic Intelligence for the Technological Observatories of Navarra (Energy, Food, Environment, Engineering, Education, ...) denominated "VIENAVARRA".
In the development of this platform has worked with Vicubo, along with a team of specialists in Information Analysis.

imagen vienavarra

Observatory of Technological Surveillance in Graphic Arts VIEPRINT

Technological Watch and Strategic Intelligence Solution for the Graphic Arts Sector of Navarra, whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of the AEGRAN association and its associated companies. In the development of this platform has worked with Vicubo, along with a team of specialists in Information Analysis.

imagen vieprint

CEVIPYME: Support Center for SMEs in Industrial Rights Management and Technological Watch and Strategic Intelligence

Consultancy and advice on usability, accessibility and information architecture of the CEVIPYME portal, integration of Vicubo's Strategic Intelligence and Surveillance Solution, together with its team of specialists in Information Analysis for the development of several Observatories in key areas such as: Food, Energy and Industrial Property.

imagen cevipyme

Technological Watch Platform in Agroalimentación. VIECLAN

Technological Watch Solution and Strategic Intelligence for the Observatory of Foresight and Surveillance of the Agro-Food Cluster of Navarre. In the development of this platform has worked with Vicubo, along with a team of specialists in Information Analysis.

imagen vieclan

Technological Watch Patent Platform for SMEs in the Food Sector. GESTINN

Technological Watch and Strategic Intelligence Solution for the GESTINN Project, which was born with the aim of promoting the management of innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises in the SUDOE (Territorial Cooperation Program for South-West European Space) regions. Vicubo and its team of specialists in Information Analysis have facilitated progress in their innovation activities.

imagen gestinn


Reports and Sectoral Newsletters

Technical and economic feasibility report on Renewable Energy for the Transport sector:

e-intelligent has developed a new competitive intelligence report in the field of energy efficiency that analyzes the technical and economic viability of flywheel technology for energy storage in the transport sector. Among the technical aspects is the revision of the state of the art of patents using a specific code of the classification of "green patents" of the European Patent Office with the help of the professional tool VICUBO, identifying the leaders of the sector and the most interesting markets. In addition to monitoring the environment, through news and regulations affecting the sector.

Within the economic implications, the report analyzes:

  • The potential market for this technology for the electric car sector
  • The possibilities with the most technical and economic interest for its implantation in the Spanish market.

Within the legal implications, the report includes the analysis of legal barriers and possible strategic incentives established for these new applications in the sector of energy efficiency technologies. The report opens the way for new research lines for companies in the transport sector that could improve their business strategy with the diversification of applications in the sector of technologies for the improvement of energy efficiency. If you are interested:

Do not hesitate to ask us for the report through our contact form!

imagen Informes

CEVIPYME: Multisectoral Competitive Intelligence for Companies

Consultancy for the improvement of the competitiveness through different services:

  1. Technological Watch reports of scientific references and patents with strategic recommendations,
  2. Identification of leading competitors
  3. Identification and characterization of strategic and commercial partners
  4. Studies for the commercialization of products / technologies
  5. Identification of business opportunities
  6. Characterization of legislative environments and barriers to entry,
  7. Advice for the implementation of UNE 166.006 Technological Watch and Competitive Intelligence.
imagen cevipyme

Study of transfer and innovation in social media

Report analyzing the activity of different transfer networks and innovation in social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Slideshare, etc).

Different indicators were analyzed analyzing the trends of these organizations in each of the social media platforms, obtaining common patterns of action in the politics of online communication and highlighting the unique characteristics of certain networks in the areas of technology transfer, crowdsourcing and innovation.Además, incluye la identificación de los líderes de conocimiento en Twitter y LinkedIn, las dos redes más potentes en generación de conocimiento tecnológico.

Estudio de transferencia e innovación en redes sociales

Graphic Arts Sector Newsletter

  • The Newsletters functionality will allow you to stay informed on new developments in your area of interest. Periodically we will send to your mail a newsletter with the information essential for your business activity. Allowing you to:
  • To Have accurate information at the right time
  • To Follow all necessary sources
  • To Systematize your searches
  • To Dedicate time to value-added tasks such as analysis
imagen vieprint boletin sector artes gráficas


Subscriptions to Vicubo Cloud

Companies from the following sectors have relied on the Vicubo Cloud platform to carry out their activities of Technological Watch and Competitive Intelligence:


  • Automotive
  • Agribusiness
  • Graphic Arts (3D)
  • Aeronautical
  • Biotechnology
  • Construction
  • Economy
  • Energy
  • Renewable energy
  • Electronics
  • Statistics
  • Pharmacist
  • Railroad
  • R & D + i
  • Toys
  • Marketing
  • Metal
  • Environment
  • Metrology and Calibration
  • Naval
  • Optics (Laser)
  • Chemical
  • Waste HR
  • Textile
  • ICT (Big Data, Robotics)




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