SAAS and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing and SaaS infrastructures can offer Vicubo Cloud as a sophisticated product of Competitive Surveillance and Intelligence for our customers through a simple web browser and email.

SaaS provides a significant change in the way the organizations acquire and use the software. The use of SaaS solutions offers high profits to companies of any size from the first moment. The Software as a Service (SaaS) offers a cost saving, easy to use and scalable compared to traditional software.

We have a redundant architecture to ensure that customers have access to their service at any time. For further technical details and system requirements, contact us.

Our user interface, search engines and extractors are designed to provide a simple customer experience. Customers can access the system from anywhere and from any device (mobile or tablet). You can also view the information via e-mail alerts.

Vicubo Cloud follows 166.006:2011 UNE regulation, Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence system, as recommended in European R&D rules.

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