What to Watch


  • Monitor prices or products of your competitors
  • Get reports about the presence of competition in social networks
  • Detect any change on the websites of your competitors
  • Identify the strategies your competitors are performing
  • Know when, how and where your competition wins tenders or proposals for services
  • Stay on top of your industry litigation
  • Know when your competitor requests patent,s trademark or exploitation rights
  • Check the recruitment process in any sector


  • Identify leaders in each market and your position related to them
  • Analyze the main economic indicators of companies from your sector
  • Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your company and your competition
  • Anticipate changes in your market
  • Learn the barriers in the market of interest
  • Discover the countries with the highest rate of growth in your business area
  • Analyze market segmentation and the most suitable input channels


  • Collect and analyze information on the patent status of any competitor or your company
  • Locate potential technology partners
  • Identify projects related to your business
  • Know if your product infringe any existing patent or other product infringes your own patents
  • Analyze the legal status of patents that block your opportunities.
  • Find and acquire knowledge applicable to your products or processes
  • Recover your investment in R&D by technology transfer
  • Identify trends in R&D and innovation
  • Know if your investment in R&D is well-founded


  • Identify more productive experts and researchers
  • Detect movements of key individuals
  • Monitor profiles of interest
  • Identify business contacts by profiles
  • Monitor the hiring of other enterprises

My company

  • Analyze the situation of your company in your sector with objective data
  • Know if your R&D strategy is the most appropriate
  • Discover the most profitable projects for your business
  • Learn about the options for collaborative strategies
  • Find out what is being said about your company on Social Networks
  • Analyze your Internet reputation
  • Know if your spreading strategy is appropriate

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