Information Sources

Vicubo Cloud has 3 automatic information tracking tools. On the one hand, it provides tracking information from open and payment sources. The information is automatically classified and organized by sectors and typologies, for watching and identifying opportunities, threats and possibilities in the business improvement area, called Vicubo Sectors . On the other hand, Vicubo Social is used to systematize information from social networks and Vicubo Reader is used to the systematic management of the RSS channels.

Verified and updated Database

Our extraction process allows the access to information that remains beyond the surface of the web. This hidden information (Deep Web) is around 80% of the total available on the Internet, including classified information, private databases, documents in PDF or Word and many other data that can help you to draw your business strategy up.

SectoresVicubo Sectors has a set of baseline information classified by sectors, fed by open information sources and tested by our team of analysts. Also offers: tenders, grants, legislation, regulations, R&D projects, economic reports, market analysis, statistics, patents, publications, articles, events, news, etc.

If your industry is not included at the moment, please contact us and we can create it or incorporate the information sources you have previously contracted. Contact us for futher information!.

Social Media

SocialVicubo Social has a professional configurable Social Media extractor that is able to track, measure and evaluate in real-time the information generated on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, etc.

Moreover, if you have any questions our specialized social media team will help you to understand and clear up your needs.

RSS syndication

RSSVicubo Reader offers a customizable and flexible tool that allows you to recover automatically and in real time novelties in the monitored sources, eliminating the need to review them daily. 

Add your favorite RSS feeds and include them in the projects you want.


Vicubo Flex

FlexVicubo Flex offers you the possibility to automatically and real-time follow any web content of a page, in a flexible and easy way

Register to learn the four tools!.

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